Stunning Seaside Escapes – Wealth & Finance 01/2017

Weisse Villa Am Meer is an apartment complex based in scenic Büsum, Germany. We invited Lolita Strueben to tell us more about the firm.

If quality of life during holidays means not having to make sacrifices, then the Weisse Villa Am Meer is the right place for you. You will feel right at home in the firm’s beautifully designed apartments able to be independent while letting your gaze wander over Büsum Harbour and its fishing boats, feeling the North Sea breeze in your face, yet being where it is all happening in the midst of sea village life.

Weisse-Villa-Reportage-im Weath-Finance-MagazinThe Weisse Villa Am Meer is located directly at the harbour behind the sea dike – 100 km from Hamburg to the coast. Guests are less than one minute walk away from the beach at the North Sea Coast. The elegantly decorated flats at the Weisse Villa Am Meer feature flat screen TV and private balcony- some have a ‘Strandkorb’, a beautiful beach basket on the balcony.

Each apartment has a separate bedroom, large living room and dining room with a modern kitchen which is equipped with dishwasher and coffee machine for your convenience. Five apartments have their own sauna in the bathroom.

Numerous cafes and restaurants are within 500 m of the Weisse Villa Am Meer, and rental bikes, spacious accommodation with free WiFi are all offered as part of the package, ensuring that guests want for nothing. Fishing, sailing, golfing and wind surfing are all popular leisure activities in Büsum.

Every apartment has a name not a number. For example, ‘Anni`s Strandnest’ is a cosy beach nest, right behind the dike. The cry of seagulls and a fresh sea breeze bring back childhood memories. Guests will find tranquillity and comfort in this atmosphere, just like being home, as Lolita emphasises.

“While I own, and manage the business most of my work is done in the background. I train my team to the highest standard of care and diligence. As part of that, the attends seminars and a meeting with our marketing company to constantly improve our service. A positive attitude from the staff is prerequisite to fulfil the wishes of our customers.

“My job is to organise the office, the work of the employees and to look always for news ways and marketing strategies to get more guests interested in the Weisse Villa Am Meer all year around. Looking for new activities for the holidays.

“Overall, we get a lot of feedback directly at the Weisse Villa Am Meer or the customers send us emails – some even send postcards to say thank you for the wonderful holiday and also on Facebook Weisse Villa Am Meer, Holidaycheck and – so our customers have provided wonderful feedback on the comfort, the location, cleanliness, facilities and the friendly staff here.”

Ultimately, Lolita believes that Weisse Villa Am Meer makes the perfect escape thanks to its beautiful setting and well-furnished apartments.

“Today people work hard every day, spending a lot of time at their offices. To do your job well, you need more breaks for your soul and to regain some energy. Short breaks for a long weekend or longer, particularly in the wintertime, is good for the health. Long walks on the beach, then coming ‘home’, going to the sauna or reading a book for example.

“As such it is my belief that we need more comfortable destinations, not big houses, where guests are only a number. Guests like to be perceived like a friend coming home. That’s what I want to create in our guest house: a destination for couples and for families with children, with big and comfortable flats, high quality interior in a relaxing atmosphere. You come in and you never want to leave. This is our aim with Weisse Villa Am Meer.”

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